Our Story

I'm a knitter and crocheter living in the Canadian Rockies. Originally from Spain, I find my inspiration in the ocean ( hence the name) and bright joyful colours. Pastel neons is my kind of neutrals.

My grandma taught me how to crochet and knit when I was a little kid. She would bring the crochet bag to the beach and was mesmerized by the movement of her hand and what came out of it. I cherish the moments we spent together and her tenderness while she taught me.

Over the years I made some simple things here and there but it wasn’t until 2012 that I started to knit and crochet more intensely. They both have been therapy for me during challenging times and they have open a door to exploration and community that I could never imagine.

Being an immigrant in Canada, knitting and crochet has opened the door to beautiful friendships, fun times at knitting events ( oh I miss those times before Covid) and endless support. I am very lucky to say that my knitting friends are my friends . The community of makers gives me a sense of belonging and community that is so important in life, especially when you feel isolated because you’re introverted, a newcomer, a pandemic… or all of the above!

I live in Calgary with my husband, my 2 adult-ish kids and my dog Thor, who you will probably have seen if you follow me on Instagram. I’m a High School teacher during the day, and in the evenings, I dive in my hobby and my knitting room ( upgraded to studio recently) is my place of creation, exploration and relax. It’s my happy place.

In 2021, during a most difficult time, when I returned to say goodbye to my father and had to isolate for 2 weeks, I started to look for things to get myself distracted and I found some necklaces I had to repair. While I was trying to fix them, I took one of the beads apart ( a pink quartz butterfly) and thought it would make a great stitch marker; so I put it on a ring and turned it into one. Then I started to think about what else could I use as charm and found myself diving into the bag of sea glass and shells that I brought from Spain. Very shortly, I became obsessed with my new hobby. It really helped me to stay calm, to find beauty even when you're heartbroken and to let my imagination flow. It was truly a way of starting my healing process. The rest is story....

My notions are made with all my heart and soul. I hope they  bring you a little bit of excitement when you get to that point in your work (like a reward for keeping on going). I love using natural crystals and gemstones with all their beauty and healing properties. They're all one of a kind.

Since I'm a knitter myself, I always bear in mind that they are snug free and light. I love having fun with my notions, mixing colours and textures to create unique items that make your projects more exciting.

Thank you for stopping by at my shop! I hope you find something you like and keep on making beautiful things for yourself and the world.

You can find me on Instagram at @_ocean_loops